Facility Management Best Practices

June 10, 2021by Haya


With the support of our Kingdom’s great leadership, we strive to apply the best international and local practices with the highest degree of standards in the facility management sector, to achieve the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life within those facilities and to aid in the development of the Kingdom’s infrastructure. In this article, we delve deeper into the subject of best facility management practices. 

Harnessing technology in facility management 

Technology has always had an added value when it is accurately integrated with the business’ operations, and when it comes to facility management, the following points are of great importance: 

  1. Incorporating technology in daily operations such as wiping floors with machines instead of employing a large number of workers, or installing an automatic agricultural irrigation system instead of employing a large number of farmers. This aids in cost reduction strategies in training and recruitment efforts for both the facility and the business. 
  2. Utilizing a centralized technological system that enables all parties (company, customer, and tenant) to follow up the workflow and evaluate services at any time. 

The careful personification of facilities 

The concept of facility management is focused not only on the building itself but also on creating a distinctive user experience and adding a sensible human touch to the facilities. This is usually done by understanding the needs and requirements of the owner, the user, and those in charge of the facilities to deliver a vision that ensures the enhanced quality of life, and the returned benefit of customer satisfaction. 

Integrative services 

The harmony created from the establishment of interconnected services in facilities management reduces the time and effort required for facility maintenance and extends the life cycle of equipment and systems. All of that and more is achieved by hiring the right company that will expertly manage your facilities and comprehensively fulfill all your needs by executing proactive and preventative approaches for periodic maintenance to ensure the efficiency of devices, equipment, and systems before any problem occurs, God forbid. 

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Environmentally friendly buildings 

Ensuring the use of environmentally friendly cleaning supplied with a low impact on human health and the environment is one of the most important pillars of the environmentally friendly building strategy, but it isn’t the only one. Reducing the carbon footprint in facilities can most definitely enhance the health of tenants, this can be achieved by monitoring energy consumption regularly and the utilization of

alternative energy sources. This isn’t only important for the facilities alone, but it’s also a step in the right direction for the environment of the region as a whole. 

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Starting right 

Some believe that the work of facilities management companies begins after the completion of construction and the start of facility operations, on the contrary, the work on facility management begins from the first stages of design and construction to ensure that every element is well established and integrated into the building from the beginning. Making sure the aforementioned integration is done in a manner that suits the operational needs and greatly reduces the crushing and maintenance operations and, of course, increases the productivity of the team that is going to be involved from the start. 

Facilities management is a modern science 

Facilities management is modern science requiring constant and continuous consumption of knowledge on the new and evergrowing technologies in the sector, the Kingdom’s rapid growth within it, and comprehensive employee training in facilities management companies, each within their specialization. 

Creating jobs and localization opportunities 

The productive collaboration between facility management establishments and facility owners, greatly contributes to the creation of a large number of jobs for citizens in the facility management sector, as facilities management companies deliberately hire citizens to ensure that they are completely familiar with the details of users’ needs and state laws without the need to ask about them such as the infrastructure of each region and the required hospitality and needs. 

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